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How to Remove Builder Gel

If you’re here, it’s likely because you want to know how to remove builder gel. Builder gel is an artificial nail product that can give your nails a strong, natural-looking finish. It’s applied like regular polish but much thicker and requires special removal techniques.

Builder gel is a great option if you’re looking for strong, natural-looking nails. However, removing it can be difficult if you don’t know the proper techniques. This article will show you how to safely and effectively remove builder gel.

Removing builder gel is a simple process with the right tools and techniques.

Is Builder Gel Easy To Remove?

Yes, builder gel can be removed easily by dipping the nails in pure acetone. It still involves a few steps, and if those are performed correctly, the nails do not get damaged even though they have been done repeatedly over the course of time.

Post builder gel manicure, it is extremely important to ensure that it is removed safely. It is peeling off or over filing or removing without the know-how results in damaged natural nails.

Can You Soak Off Builder Gel?

Yes, one can soak off the builder gel nails at home or a salon. Although, one does need a list of things for the process, which can be procured from nearby pharmacies, shops, or hardware shops.

Does Acetone Remove Builder Gel?

Yes, pure acetone helps in the removal of builder gel nails. It is the main item that is required. You can soak one’s builder gel nails can be soaked in acetone for the same.

All You Need to Know on How to Remove Builder Gel.

 What Products Do You Need for How-to-remove-builder-gel?

1.   1 to 2 bottles of pure acetone. You can purchase this from professional salon retailers, wholesalers, hardware stores, or pharmacies.

2.   15-20 cotton pads or cotton balls. Each pad needs to be cut into quarters. Each ball needs to be separated into fours.

3.   1 roll of aluminum foil.

4.   1 low grit nail hand file or an electronic nail file (e-file).

5.   1 nail buffer.

6.   1 bottle of cuticle oil

7. 1 cuticle pusher 

How to Remove Builder Gel at Home?

Follow the steps listed below to ensure the safe removal of builder gel nails:

1. Using the low grit hand file or an electronic nail file, file as many of the nail extensions as you can. Be careful not to be too close to the skin around the nails as it can lead to peeling, scratching, redness or bleeding.

2. Pour pure acetone into a big bowl that is spacious enough to dip all fingers of one hand. After you are satisfied with step one, soak one hand after the other in this bowl for about 3 minutes each.

3. The cotton pads or the cotton balls that have been cut into quarters or four separates, soak each one of them in acetone and place and wrap one each on every fingernail.

4. Cut the aluminum foil into small squares enough to wrap the soaked cotton around the finger. Once cut, place, wrap and firm the foil on each finger.

5. After 15 minutes, remove each fingernail’s foil and cotton.

6. Use a cuticle pusher to remove the softened gel from all fingernails.

7. If all the builder gel is not softened, repeat steps 1 to 5.

8. Once the builder gel is removed, use the nail buffer to buff the fingernails’ surface.

9. If you are satisfied with step 8, use the hand file to shape the nails and apply cuticle oil to all fingernails.

How to Remove Builder Gel Without Acetone?

Acetone is effective in removing builder gel nails. Although, it can dehydrate the nails and result in weaker nails over time. Also, acetone can irritate the nail cuticles and nail beds which can leave nails cracked.

There Are Other Ways How to Remove Builder Gel Nails. The Tools You Need Are:

1. Removers like hand sanitizers, hydrogen peroxide, and cuticle oil.

2.   15-20 cotton pads, swabs, or balls. To be prepared the same way as mentioned above.

3.   1 cuticle pusher.

4.   1 nail file (any) or an electronic nail file (e-nail).

5.   1 bottle of cuticle oil or hand cream.

The Steps To Follow Are:

1. Whichever remover you have purchased, soak the cotton pads, swabs, or balls.

2. Apply these soaked cotton pads, swabs, or balls to each fingernail.

3. Wait 10 minutes for the remover to give the most effect.

4. If you cannot do steps 1, 2, and 3, use a hot water solution. Ensure that the water is not too hot but warm enough and soapy. Soak your nails on each hand one by one in this bowl for 10 minutes.

5. Repeat the above steps until all the builder gel on all fingernails is softened.

6. Take a cuticle pusher and use it to remove the softened builder gel.

7. Once the product is removed, take a nail buffer and buff out any stubborn residue. Be gentle, not buff the natural nail’s surface as it leads to thinning and painful nailbeds. Use a nail file to give any shape you desire.

8. Apply the cuticle oil, hand cream, or lotion to each nail tip. This protects the natural nail beds and the skin around them as any process of removal of builder gel can be traumatic to the nails.

Where to Purchase the Builder Gel Removal Kit?

There are various options to purchase any manicure kit or builder gel removal kit from any pharmacy like Walmart or UnitedHealth Group, stores like Sephora or Target, professional salons, and online stores like Amazon.

Even certified local stores have such items in stock. One can purchase the same from any international brand they also trust.

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