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What Color Nails Goes With Burgundy Dress?

Last Updated on September 24, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

We all need styling tips when it comes to finding that perfect nail polish we’re struggling to choose. Owning gorgeous outfits is not enough. Accessories and the makeovers play a vital role in serving the final look.

So, are you looking for some perfect color nail polish suggestions to go with that gorgeous burgundy dress to rock the Cocktail evening? Happy to help! Read on to know what options might go well with burgundy attires and which one suits you better.

What Are the Different Shades of Burgundy Nail Polish Available in the Market Today?

The dilemma of picking the right nail shade is real, with diverse options available in the market. To your rescue, we have enlisted the top 10 shades of burgundy nail polish colors available that can help you get those perfect nails for the special evenings.

Have a look at the list below, and find out which one is a better suit for you.

Do Burgundy Nails Go With a Burgundy Dress?

On special occasions, if you want to stand out in the crowd, try not to use the same nail color as your dress. Instead, go for a complementary color that supports the burgundy dress you’re going to wear.

Navy, beige, black, pale pink, and white color nail polish go well with a Burgundy dress.

You may also experiment with the entire color wheel. Blue, light gray, charcoal gray, and variants of green, pink, and turquoise nail polish should complement a Burgundy dress quite well.

How to Choose the Right Nail Color for a Burgundy Dress

There is never a single right color for your dress. It’s just a matter of suitability and how you want to play with the colors. Here are some exciting ideas on how you can go on picking the right nail color for a burgundy dress:

Bold Color-blocking technique

Color-blocking is always a great idea when picking a nail polish shade for your specific colored outfit. It does not have to be a matching color to your dress. The whole point of this technique is to use colors contrasting to your attire.

So, for a burgundy dress, you may go for nail enamel colors like magenta or shades of pink, mustard, or other shades of yellow, beige, bottle green, black, royal blue, and even white. These colors can be experimented with a red dress to serve some great looks.

Pattern of clothing

You can also play with your nail paint patterns depending upon your outfit. Your dress might have lovely prints on it, or it could be a solid burgundy dress.

In the case of the former, you would want to keep your nails painted with solid colors. However, in the latter case, you can also go for some bold and quirky nail arts.

Match with Accessories

You can also pick colors that complement your accessories. In case you’re wearing gold ornaments, you can go with some tinge of gold glitter on your nails.

You can choose a metallic silver nail color option if the accessories are silver. It will also help you balance the dress, accessories, and nail color combination.

Basic nail color options

If your choices are subtle, you may go ahead with some basic nudes, sheers, or pale pink colors. Apart from that, french nails will go with your outfit, irrespective of the other factors.

Nail Colors To Wear With Your Burgundy Dress

Neutral polish 

Neutrals tones complement your apparel more in a subtle manner. They don’t stand out, but they would enhance your entire look by adding a touch of elegance to them.


Navy gives out a very formal vibe. You can wear it in the evenings when you want to subtly increase the style quotient.


It is a pale sandy fawn color that goes with almost every color in terms of apparel. It would stand out if paired with deep color like a burgundy dress. You can also pair it up with beige footwear, completing the look. It would go well with daytime looks.


One can never go wrong by choosing brown. Accessorizing with brown nails with a brown bag, footwear, and a belt, if required, can give you a chic vibe to your entire look. It would go well with both day and evening events.

Light and Charcoal grays 

The gray hue would compliment silver jewel tones very nicely. So, suppose you wish to use light gray or charcoal gray nail polish color. In that case, you can select the accessories accordingly to complete the entire look.

Being neutral would keep the look very stylish yet subtle and calm. These can also rock the look with a navy dress.

Other polish 

The other colors can be used in contrast to creating some striking looks. These complementary colors can make your entire look go from subtle to bold with just a switch in your nail polish colors. Here are a few suggestions to rock that burgundy dress in your wardrobe.


Rich colors like blue can add up to the X-factor. Depending upon the timing of the occasion, you can select from the hues. You’d want to pick brighter variants for a morning or daylight function. However, you can go darker for the evening or late-night events.

Golden Yellow 

One of the very trending nail polish colors. This color can spice up the entire look, and it would set your class apart and enhance the boldness factor. The look will be more balanced if you add up some gold accessories.


Adding a bright pink touch to your nails and the same to your makeover to maintain the balance can help you color-block your burgundy dress.

With a pink touch to your look, a funky look can be achieved. So, if you’re up for it, try the combination! Pink can help you score brownie points when carried with a red dress.


Peach, on the other hand, will help you get a very bubbly vibe to your fit, precisely opposite to what a pink could do. It can blend in very well for the morning events.


It can be used on nails to color-block with your burgundy dress. The deeper tones can uplift the evening look. On the other hand, the purple nails in the purple undertones can go exceptionally well in the mornings.

Ensure that the look is balanced with similar toned accessories. If not, then the makeup, at the very least.


Turquoise nail polish can be a tough choice to make. It belongs to the green and blue family. However, if you can pull this off, it can change the entire feel of the look. Adding turquoise to your eyes along with the nails would look very sassy.

It can be an unbeatable combination, only if you are bold enough to try it. You’ll set an example for sure. Do give it a shot, young ladies! You sure won’t regret it.

Which Shades of Burgundy Complement a Light or Dark Skin Tone?

Burgundy polish, a perfect shade, is preferred by more females on the pale side of complexion as the color pops out. However, it can suit perfectly well the ones on the darker tone as well, adding grace to their beautiful tan skin tone.

You need to remember the occasion, the kind of look you wish to create, whether an informal or formal setting and accordingly, you can fix a shade of your choosing.

Should Your Nail Color Match Your Burgundy Outfit?

You can match nail polish to your Burgundy dress. It will blend in smoothly. And you can never go wrong with that choice as it turns out classic. You may want to go nude in terms of your makeover in that case.

However, if you are someone who likes to play with nail paint colors, whether to go bold or subtle, you can always experiment with complimentary nail polish colors. 

From blues to violets, yellows to greens, deep red to black, whites to even metallic, all combinations can help you get a new sort of output that you might like. These experiments will bring out a different side of your personality. So, keep experimenting and exploring.

Examples of Popular Burgundy Nail Polishes That Will Complement Any Outfit Perfectly

A few great shade options for any of your pretty outfits are enlisted here. You may try wearing either of the options, and you’ll thank us later :


There are multiple nail paint options to pair up with your Burgundy dress. To name a few, you may wear beige, peach, gray, or even white nail polish in the lighter tones and pink, green, black, or turquoise,

For example, on the dark side and create some fresh looks. If you need the nail polish to blend in thoroughly, you may go for Burgundy colored polish.

If you have a prom night to attend, explore some gel manicure options as per the color of your choice. However, in the case of a wedding, you may want to add some bling or metallic to your nails. Again, the color choice depends upon your requirement.

Beige is the most recommended color option for Rust-colored outfits, as it blends in and glows up simultaneously, giving a very delicate yet chic look. And the same goes for a burgundy dress. Beige can add to your style statement and is safe to go with, as it is a perfect match for all skin tones.

There are multiple complementary colors available to add a striking contrast to your dull looks. Go creative with the color wheel, wear bold and serve them sassy looks!

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