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31 Nail Colors That Look Amazing on Dark Skin Tones

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Nailing the perfect nail color is always a challenge, but it’s especially tricky when you have darker skin tones. So many shades look amazing on porcelain skin but can be too light or washed out on deeper complexions.

For brown skin ladies, there are a plethora of nail shades suited the best specifically. Almost every color palette compliments dark skin tones.

When it comes to nail colors, women of color have always had a limited range of shades to choose from. In recent years, however, the beauty industry has started to pay more attention to dark skin tones, and as a result, there are now more colors available than ever before.

To make things a little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of 31 colors that will look great on any dark skin tone. From muted neutrals to bright pops of color, there’s something for everyone in this roundup!

So whether you’re looking for your next go-to nail shade or just want some inspiration, keep reading for our picks.

31 Nail Colors That Look Amazing on Dark Skin Tones

31 Amazing Nail Colors for Dark Skin Tones

Here are 30 Amazing Nail Colors options for the dark tone people that you must know and try out.

Fire Red

Fire Red

Red manicures, like red lipstick, are a timeless classic. On darker skin tones, a strong red shade will stand out much more.

A small wiggle in the center will add drama and texture. Warm undertone shades of red are perfect for deep skin tones.

Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue

One of this year’s greatest styles is an exotic aqua shade nail polish. This vivid hue of blue is the new aesthetic you want for the warm season. On dark skin tones, this tint appears muted and delicate.

Pale Pink

Pale pink is ideal for dark skin tones because it won’t overshadow your look while still giving your nails a beautiful summertime vibe.

On a rich skin tone, it’s a subtle tint that looks great for any occasion.

Pastel Blue

Conventionally, pastel blue nail polish is typically associated with summer, I think it’s a pleasant and timeless shade that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

When used on darker skin tones, it gives depth and character, which makes your nail polish eye-catching.



White is a lovely hue for dark complexion since it is soft enough to be classified neutral while still looking bold. It complements all skin tones and is fairly relevant throughout the year.

White nail polish is a gorgeous contrast to a deep complexion and it serves as an essentially blank canvas for nail art styles.

Dark Brown

Brown nail polish compliments dark skin tones and goes with any outfit. The brown tint looks great on nicely manicured fingers day and night.

If you prefer a rustic look, brown nail color should be your go-to hue.



A glossy, pigmented peach color boosts the manicure’s appearance by blending well with dark skin tone. A light peach tone provides a pleasant wash of muted tone on the nails.

You can use as many highlights as you want, but the peachy nail color looks excellent overall.

Hot Pink

Hot pink can be a game-changer when used in the correct combination and strategies. Hot pink manicures are ideal for people who aren’t intimidated by bright hues.

On darker skin tones, a solid bright pink manicure will surely make an impression. Shorter fake nails or flaming nails are ideal for this aesthetic.



For the last year or two, rainbow manicures have been increasingly popular on Instagram. Try painting each fingernail a contrasting shade for the most iconic rainbow nail look.

Applying multidimensional flowers to a traditional rainbow manicure is a simple way to elevate it.

Bright Orange

Bright orange is a pretty color that is ideal for the warm season. Not just that, but it’s also bright, bold, and looks great with a variety of nail art, from shimmer to floral prints.

Orange can look bold and gorgeous on dark skin tones.

Neon Yellow

Neon Yellow

Neon yellow is a bright and exciting design that will appeal to a wide range of people. With tips painted neon yellow, you’ll be set for the summer.

Shades of Sand

Shades of sand

A variety of sandy tones appear to be both fresh and classic. Use the different shades lighter than your skin tone on darker skin tones.

Lemon Yellow

A vibrant lemon yellow nail polish is the perfect aesthetic pick-me-up to enliven your day both physically and symbolically. It’s one of the most popular nail shades to test.

On dark skin, yellow nail polish stands out.

Classy Caramel

Classy Caramel

Caramel nails are extravagantly rich, delicate yet intensely pigmented. It’s the brightest of the lot, with a brilliant caramel hue that can be glossy over or left with a matte finish.

Soft Pink

It is a lovely, widely attractive shade that looks fantastic on darker complexion tones. Layers can be added to increase the visibility of the tint. For daytime gatherings, soft pink nail paint is ideal.

Sparkly Metallics

Nothing feels nearly as luxurious and exalted as a smidgeon of glimmer. There are many various colors to pick from, and deeper shades of dazzling metallics perform well on the dark complexion.

Cherry Red

Cherry Red

Cherry red is a much brighter tone than your typical pure red nail paint. It’s one of the best nail colors for dark skin. The warm tone of cherry red contrasts with the dark skin tone while also complementing it.

Sultry Burgundy

Burgundy nail polish is a classic fall nail color. Look at how beautiful a rich burgundy and a fiery red look is when they collide with your dark skin tone.

Try burgundy nail art ideas if you’re a minimalist who likes modest styles.

Pastels Together

Pastel Together

A statement trend is matching pastel nail colors on dark skin tones. Peachy pink, mint, powdery blue, and lavender are all beautiful and smooth tones that blend together in an unusual way.

You can also incorporate the pastel hue into other fashionable ways by requesting geometric nail designs and creating clean vertical lines.

Liquid Chrome

For a stunning manicure that compliments whatever jewelry you’re sporting on the day, go for a chrome hue with bits of silver and gold interlaced all through the nail color.

It complements dark skin tones and accentuates the outfit.

Earth Tones

Earth Tone

Brown-tinged shades were popular in the 1990s for being a fashionable tint for the tips. It is yet again a trendy manicure style to wear, today.

But there is a whole new pallet of stunning earthen tones for nails in action to go along with this comeback to rich browns.

Green Squiggle

This lopsided nail design resembles a work of contemporary art. On dark complexion, the complementing mix of two tones of green looks great.

Classic Red

A beautiful combination of warm and cool undertones marks true classic red. For generations, it has been one of the favorite nail shades of many women.

On dark skin, it sparkles much brighter and sticks out even more.

Glossy Black

Glossy Black

Black nail polish goes with just about everything. To achieve a glossy, jet-black look, all you need is dark, rich nail paint. 

Gold and Peach Brushstrokes

By combining a white base with black prominent strokes, as well as extra peachy and silver decoration, this design includes it all. In nail art style, the playful brushstrokes resemble a painter’s pallet.

Succulent Green

Succulent Green

Subdued greens are especially appropriate for spring. If you prefer pale tones, try this soft sage, which has a tinge of green and gives you the same barely-there appearance.


Lavender is a soft, quirky tint that we can’t seem to get enough of. This delicate shade looks well on dark skin tones and can be used with any outfit as a statement nail.

Ash Blue

You’ll appreciate this shade of ash blue if you sit at a corporate office job and want a tone that’s both sophisticated and stylish. It goes well with dark skin tones.

Primary Colors

Primary Colors

Using primary colors in your manicure will give you a vibrant and youthful appearance. You can either use one shade on each nail or mix and match.

Silver and Gold

The subtle silver and gold shades are a contemporary design to make your nails stand out. Choose less dazzling silver and gold to opt for a classy look.

Does Black Nail Polish Look Good on Dark Skin?

Reconsider if you believe black doesn’t shine out against darker complexions. It’s the ideal basis for elaborate nail art and basic geometric patterns. It’s the perfect adaptable hue for Dark skin.

Black is a great choice for everyday wear because it complements your dark complexion.

Which Nail Color Should Be Avoided With the Tan Complexion?

Since the colors, you wear and look well in have a lot to do with your complexion, finding out which shades complement your skin is another approach to figuring out which nail shades are perfect for you.

Warmer tones suit tanned skin more. Lighter shades might draw attention to tanned skin. Avoid using a bright golden shade because it will blend in with your skin tone.

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