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Why Do My Acrylic Nails Point Up?

Last Updated on August 26, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

You get your acrylic nails with so much happiness. Every woman wants a beautiful-looking manicure. But if there is a situation where your acrylic nails start to point upwards. Will it not be dishearting? 

You got them done with so much hope and excitement and spent so much of your money on this situation?

Of course not, right? If anything like this happens where your acrylic nails start to point up, you don’t have to panic.

Stay calm.

This article is only for the solution to how you can fix acrylic nails that point up. Here we have discussed everything that can be done if your acrylic nails point upwards. How can you deal with the situation or avoid it from happening?

To know more about the solution to an acrylic nail pointing up, continue reading further.

Why Do My Acrylic Nails Point Up?

Seeing your acrylic nails pointing upwards will obviously make you angry. You might even start to wonder, is it your fault? Have you not cared for your acrylic nails the right way?

But it’s not always the case. It can be the fault of your nail technician how he or she has applied acrylic nails or the acrylic nail brand that you have used. The most common reasons acrylic nails start to point up are discussed here:

Natural nails that grow upwards:

If your natural nails grow upwards, your acrylic nails applied on top of it will also start pointing upwards. 

If you didn’t get your nail manicure done with an experienced and professional manicurist, then there will be a high chance of your acrylic nails start pointing upwards. 

But don’t worry if you can again take the service of a good professional manicurist; they can easily fix this situation.

So immediately book an appointment with a professional manicurist after you notice your acrylic nails pointing up to avoid any further harm that can occur to your acrylic nails.

History of nail-biting:

Some people have a very bad habit of biting their natural nails so much that it makes their nail fingertips quite thick. In the place where there should be natural nail growing, their skin starts growing. 

In this case, the acrylic nails will definitely point upwards. There is a change in the natural nail growth direction of nail biters. The acrylic nails don’t stick properly on such kinds of nails because the glue will be loose.

Length of the nails:

If you love long acrylic nails, then be prepared for them to point upwards. Long acrylic nails obviously look very pretty but also have a lot of drawbacks.

The longer your acrylic nails are, the more they will appear to point up. So it’s best to avoid too long acrylics if you want to avoid fixing the lifting issue later of your acrylic nail.

Presence of Air:

This problem can be caused if you don’t get your manicure done at a good nail salon and by a professional nail technician. Sometimes the glue that sticks your acrylic nails to your natural nails does not stay properly, causing a gap between your nails.

In this situation, there is a good chance for your acrylic nails to point upwards.

The Shape of the Acrylic Nails:

If the size and shape of your acrylic nails are different from your natural nails, then obviously, they will not be able to stay on your nails properly.

If your nail tech was not cautious at the time of your manicure and applied the incorrect size and shape of acrylic nails on your natural nails, then be prepared for your acrylic nails to lift.

 Position of the Nails:

If the placement of your acrylic nails is incorrect, they will also point upwards. If the acrylic nails go ahead and downward from the natural nail bed, then the acrylic nail position on your natural nails will not be proper.

Thus after the acrylic nails will get fixed, they will start to point upwards. The acrylic nails should follow the natural nail bed area and shouldn’t go beyond that.

Professional Error:

If the person applying your acrylic nails is an amateur and is not aware of the application technicalities, then its but evident that your acrylic nails will not be appropriately applied, making them lift upwards.

Your manicurist should consider all the above-discussed factors and very carefully perform the application procedure for your acrylic nails. So always choose your nail techs and nail salons wisely after proper research from friends and online.

How Do You Fix Acrylic Nails That From Pointing Upward?

We know how it can feel when you have invested so much of your money, time, and energy in getting a new set of acrylic nails, and those new acrylic nails start to point upwards. That is why here we have brought some tips to help you avoid such a situation of acrylic nails lifting upwards.

Stop biting your nails:

Nail biting is not only bad for your acrylic nails but also your health. It would be best to eliminate this habit as soon as possible. If you continue nail-biting, you will see flesh growing in the place of your natural nails.

Your fingertips will also grow thick because of nail-biting, thus making your acrylic nails lift upwards.

Use the right nails:

Make sure your manicurist uses the right acrylic nail shape as per the size and shape of your natural nails. If you find that the shape they are using is not properly set on your nail or goes beyond your natural nail bed area, ask for a replacement then and there. Otherwise, you will end up regretting later.

Make it simple:

What is your purpose for getting the acrylics done? To have beautiful-looking nails, right? But what’s the point if you get them too long and they start to point upwards in some time? All efforts and money went waste, right?

So don’t overcomplicate things by getting really long nails. Keep them short, simple, and sweet. Medium-length acrylic nails are still better than long nails.

Avoid leaving a space:

Ensure that when you are getting your acrylic nails done, your manicurist is not leaving any space because of the glue sticking your acrylics to your natural nails.

There shouldn’t be any space for air left between your natural nails and your acrylic nails, and your acrylics adhere properly to your natural nails.

Open up to the manicurist:

It is best to inform everything to your nails technician while getting your acrylics done. If you have a past experience where your acrylic nails started to point upward when you got them done, make your nail tech aware of that.

Also, inform your manicurist if your natural nails tend to grow upwards, making your acrylic nails point upward. All this information will help your manicurist take care of certain things and apply your acrylics in a way that will not point upwards.

Visit a professional nail technician:

If you try to save money and fix your acrylic nails, thus experiencing them pointing upwards, you should no longer waste your time. You are not actually saving money but wasting it ultimately.

The acrylics you got done earlier are useless if they start to point upward. So all your earlier spent money is going to waste. Isn’t it?

Change your manicurist:

If your acrylic nails have pointed upwards more than once before and you have got them done with the same manicurist and salon, then you might realize from where the problem is coming. 

Maybe it is your manicurist who is not giving you the right service. He is an amateur, or they are careless while doing the procedure. So you know what to do now.

Change your nail salon and your manicurist for your next acrylic procedure, and you will be sorted from the problem of acrylics growing upwards.


So the next time your acrylic nails point upwards, don’t get disappointed. It is not the end of the world. If you have read this entire article carefully, then you would have realized there is nothing to worry about. Every problem has a solution.

Just follow the above-shared tips and get your acrylic nails done today, keeping all your fears aside. Applying the tips shared here is your best solution. All the best!

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