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How to Start a Press-on Nail Business?

Last Updated on August 26, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

If you are a manicure lover and have an artistic taste in creating, customizing, and selling press-on nails, then setting up your press-on nail start-up might be a good idea.

The best part about it is that you may operate entirely from the convenience of your home, and it takes an investment of less than $500 to buy all the tools to get started.

Through this blog post, we will guide you with all the pointers on how to start a press-on nail business. Exciting, isn’t it? So, read on for more details.

What Do I Need for the Press-on Nail Business?

To set up a press on nail business, you would need a set of basic press-on nails to start. You may look for low cost suppliers for the same. A few critical items would include gel polish, nail polish remover, nail glue, and nail file. 

These essential items are enough for you to showcase your creativity and prepare a few samples. It’d cost you a few dollars to procure nail kits. And the quality would be fair enough to start selling.

Do You Need a License to Sell Press-on Nails?

You may or may not require a license to carry out a Press-on nail business.

You do not need a license to sell press-on nails on Etsy or via another online store because while dealing with selling a customized range of press-on nails, you are the business owner. Also, you aren’t physically offering any nail services.

However, if you wish to get into the service industry where you deal with clients and provide them with manicure services, in that case, you’d require a nail technician license.

Being a manicure fanatic who loves to create innovative nail art designs, you may give the online business a shot. Later, if you wish to get into the service industry, you may go ahead with a general business license.

Is a Press-on Nail Business Profitable?

A press-on nails business could be a profitable start-up idea considering the vast number of users. 

With an e-commerce website, reasonable sales are expected with innovative product ranges online. And likewise, reaching out to salons and individuals can aid in setting up the business offline.

A reasonable profit can be earned with the knowledge of your product and the competitors.

How To Start a Press-On Nails Business?

To start a Press-ons setup may seem quite stressful, but with proper planning and management, you can go a long way and fulfill your aspirations. Find below some basic pointers that you must focus on to attain a smoother setup:

Step 1: Establish Your Press-On Nail Business

If you wish to pursue press on nails for more than just a hobby, you’d need to set up a business for real. It implies picking a name and logo for the business, creating and maintaining a site, and setting up a business entity.

Name and Logo

The first and foremost thing to do is to choose a business name and logo for your brand. It is essential to ensure the originality of both. If any of the two matches with a pre-existing brand, it would be considered an infringement of the other company’s intellectual property.

For certainty about the originality, you may check to verify from the US Patent and Trademark Office website.

For picking a relevant nail business name that resonates with your brand and its values, you may get help from Shopify.

On the other hand, you may create logos through websites like Canva or outsource the task to someone through the Fiverr website for more professional ideas. There are also AI-based websites that offer AI-based logo creation services.

So, you may want to try those for more variety of options at economical prices.

Set Up Your Press-On Nail Website

If you plan to set up the business online, you ought to set up a website. One of the primary reasons why you should set it up online is that you would have a better reach online rather than just a physical store. It has a broader scope to sell your press on nails online.

You may hire someone to create a website for you if you want to go fancy. It would require some investment based on the professional’s ask. Else, there are tutorials available on Youtube with the help of which you can create a decent website on your own.

Set Up Your Business Entity

It is crucial to set up a business entity for your press-on-nails business. It could be a Limited Liability Company, corporation, sole proprietorship, or any other entity. It carries multiple benefits for your business, such as liability protection.

You may check relevant websites as they will educate and suggest to you what kind of business entity may suit your business.

Step 2: Create a Business Plan

A business plan is a blueprint of your business to help you make relevant decisions that align with the business’ requirements. It should include identifying your target market, budgeting, marketing strategy, pricing plans, and rival companies.

In the initial stage, you may want to keep it simple and can build it with time. Its primary purpose should be to help you make confident decisions and to act as an organizational tool.

Step 3: Get Supplies For Your Press-On Nail Business

The kind of nails you wish to create and customize would help you decide what all tools and equipment you might require. However, for a start, we have prepared a list of basic supplies for you:

The Basic Equipment List

A few tools must be procured in terms of personal assets while setting up a press on nail business. These are mentioned below:

  • Nail art display stand
  • Plastic tip stand 
  • Nail Files
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Buffer

What Materials Do You Need?

And enlisted are a few nail products you’d require to create custom press on nails:

  • Fancy, decorative boxes
  • Mailers
  • Clear mounting tape
  • Gel polishes
  • Jewels 
  • Brushes
  • Nail polish remover
  • Full cover nail sets
  • Nail glue
  • Alcohol-soaked cotton pads

Make sure to store your press on nails properly from getting lost and keep them durable.

Step 4: Market Your Press-On Nail Services

Marketing strategies are essential as they play a massive role in the growth of your business. For a start, while the business is in the setup phase, you may begin practicing and sharing with your friends and family.

It’ll help you get your hands on custom press-on nails, and they can promote your products and services among their circles through word of mouth or even referrals.

  • Partner with Local Nail Salons

There are plenty of nail salons in every city now. So, you may grab the opportunity and offer them a collaboration. You may supply them with custom press-on nails and provide nail sessions if you have the relevant nail technician license. 

Just stay aware of your usual charges and what they offer. And accept the deal if you find it profitable. Else, there are many more options available in the market!

  • Pay Attention to Wedding and Prom Seasons

You may approach bridal salons during the wedding season. Creative and good-looking nail patterns can help you get some tremendous opportunities to help the brides up their game on their D-day.

Likewise, prom season can be a good opportunity as the attendees want something innovative to get a better accent to their outfits. 

These events can be fruitful in engaging with your target market and turning them into regular customers.

  • Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media may be pretty powerful in promoting your custom press ons. You may also invest in online ads and marketing on many sites to reach people from far-off places.

You may also link your e-commerce website to your multiple social media accounts. It’d help you showcase your products to a large following.

Step 5: How Do You Price Your Nails?

It is crucial to price your press-ons carefully. You may want to research the current market price for press-on nails by reviewing competitors’ prices online and in your neighborhood.

You don’t want to set prices soaring high in the very initial stage of your business. So, here are a few thoughtful strategies for you to fix the prices:

  1. Time pricing

As the name suggests, the prices can be fixed based on the time it took or would take to create the nail designs. As per this idea, the basic designs can be priced slightly lower than intricate and more complex patterns.

The latter would take more time than the former, and also it takes lesser labor and skills. 

Let’s see how to make the calculations; Let us assume you earn $500 daily. Then the average charge per minute would be $500/60 mins=$8.33. 

So, now based on the number of minutes or hours you take to complete a session, you can charge this rate.

It can also be considered for your online sales. The amount can be fixed based on the average rate and the time it took for you to prepare those custom nails. 

  1. Per nail pricing

This strategy can help profit from basic patterns that take less time. As they generally take significantly less time to be prepared and done. If you follow this ideology, you can set fixed charges for every nail pattern, whether easy and basic or complex and intricate. 

The former would again be charged at lesser rates than the latter. And it helps you ascertain a fixed earning by setting pre-determined charges. Make sure you know where to buy press on nails in cheap.

  1. Combination pricing

This technique can be used if the customers require a mixed nail set with a combination of basics and fancy nails. In this case, you may want to set up fixed charges for the primary or plain nails.

However, the ones that would require much time for their intricate patterns or added jewels. You may charge money for those based on your average rates.

You may want to stick to one approach or follow all three, whichever suits your needs better.

What Certifications and Licenses Do You Need to Start Press-On Nail Business?

You need a Nail technician license only if you’re interested in applying nails to the customers. You may also work part-time in nail salons for this, and it could be a good opportunity also to showcase your product range and sell them.

As with the business, you’d need certifications with the state to be legal. Ensure to have a business license or an LLC status. You must also ensure to comply with the laws of your city or county.

For a registration guide of your state, you are just a google search away.


How Much Do Press-on Nails Sell for?

The market selling price for your press on nails depends upon multiple factors. Generally, a basic press-ons set is sold for $15 at least. Whereas custom press-on nails may be sold for $40-$50, depending upon the creativity and cost of raw materials you’ve used. But this should be a generic price range for your press on nail business.

Is There a Demand for Press-on Nails?

Press-on nails are high in demand, no doubt. They’re convenient to use, have economical prices, and are safe for your natural nails, causing a high rise in their demand. Everyone can afford to use these revolutionary products, from high-tier people to the middle class.

Which Celebrities Use Press-on Nails? 

Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce, Heidi Klum, Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, and much more use press on nails. These have become a commonly used product among these celebs. And there must be very few left who still prefer to go by the traditional manicures.

Press-on nails are pretty convenient for them as they switch the nail styles based on their outfits and events without causing any harm to their natural nails. Apart from that, fake nails offer you various ranges with fun patterns.

Can I Actually Make Money Doing This?

You can earn money through this start-up with the proper knowledge and legal business license. The investment is low with no extra cost associated with it. And with sheer creativity and marketing, you may earn good profits. 


People interested in selling press-ons and creating new artistic patterns may start a start-up. It would require knowledge, a few resources, and meager investment. And with offline and online marketing, you may earn good profits out of it. 

Detailed information on how to start a press-on nail business has been discussed in detail in the blog. Do give it a read.

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