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7 Common Color Street Problems (And How to Easily Fix Them)

Color Street has also faced a lot of criticism regarding the challenges the clients faced while using color street products.

This blog will help you understand the significant 7-color street problems or issues related to other brands and address those by providing relevant, at-home solutions simultaneously.

Whether a first-time user or a regular client, this blog will help you with all the prospective or actual areas of the struggle of the color street brand.

So let’s dive in and explore a few of the Color Street problems in detail:

Here are 7 Common Color Street Problems (And How to Easily Fix Them)

Are you experiencing problems with your color street? Is it peeling, bubbling, or cracking? If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone! In this blog post, we’ll outline seven common color street problems and how to easily fix them.

Keep reading for tips and tricks that will help you get your street looking its best.

Color street tips chipping

Not a very major issue considered by some, but it is quite a problem, as mentioned by some users. They state it as chipping. However, the color street strips do not chip. What happens is that the strips, when stuck to the nails, need around 30 minutes to cure and dry.

And meanwhile, as they cure, they also tend to shrink a little. And it is not chipping that causes wear at the end of the tip.

The shrinking is bound to happen as the strip needs to dry sufficiently before you get going with your chores.

How to Fix it:

But to help you with the same, you may want to clip off your excess nail exposed past the Color street strip. It is easy and a quick fix to your problem. On the other hand, you can also stick the strip to your nail and wait for it to cure well without clipping off the excess strip.

After 30 minutes, if any extra strip is left on the nail, you may clip that off to achieve a fresh and to-the-point makeover.

Also, use a strengthening base coat before applying color street to avoid the chipping or wearing at the tips. The base coat allows a better grip to hold the color street nails.

Color Street nails not sticking?

One of the widespread issues reported by color street users is that the nails do not stick. The reason behind the same is straightforward. Our body produces natural oils to keep it healthy and hydrated. These oils are also present on the surface layer of our nails.

Due to the oiliness of the nailbeds sticking the color street nails becomes a struggle.

How to Fix it:

To be able to stick color street nails, one needs to get rid of the oil present on their nails. As per the color street application process, the first step is to wipe your nails with an alcohol prep pad. Every color street pack comes with an alcohol pad. Now wipe your nails and try to stick the color street nails.

If the nails still do not stick well, wash your hands with soap to get into the crevices around the cuticles. The soap should help eliminate the excess oil on the nail surface.

If that does not help, use a cotton pad soaked in nail paint remover, whether acetone or non-acetone based, and rub it in a downward motion to get rid of the excess oil. The non acetone removers are highly recommended for their tenderness.

Apart from these, specialists suggest applying a thin layer of base coat on your natural nails with the color street. It allows the strips to stick well to the otherwise oily nails. Its application coat is considered an excellent hack to safeguard the nails from getting brittle.

If a usual one does not work, opt for ORLY BONDER. A rubberized base coat creates a stickier bond for the nails to attach to. And we have heard a lot of success stories about this as it helped aid in the problem with other nail sticker brands too.

Color Street make my nails peel

Color street does not directly lead to the peeling of your nails. Its composition is the same as a regular liquid nail polish. And hence, the consequences of both the products are similar as well. But, if you are allergic to regular polish, this might not be a great alternative.

How to Fix it:

Even stylists recommend regular breaks between nail polish applications instead of constantly changing colors on your nails. It helps maintain the balance of your nail health if you allow them some time off the chemicals in nail color.

So, keep this in mind, and give your nails a break to avoid the issues such as nails getting brittle, weak, or even peeling.

Also, before you even start using the product, it’s better to read all the instructions carefully and then give it a shot. You must be aware of all the dos and don’ts of the product.

As most of the complaints arise out of a very common reason, the procedure was not followed well.

The Color Street strips need to be used at room temperature and must be removed with the help of a nail paint remover only. You have complete leverage with regards to the kind of remover you wish to use, whether non-acetone or an acetone one.

It is recommended to go by a non-acetone one, as it is pretty gentle on your nails and skin compared to an acetone nail polish remover.

However, using any kind of acetone can harm your nails, for their primary task is to remove all oils on your nails. And eventually, it dries them and later causes the peeling.

So, if you are a regular user, try out non-acetone nail polish removers such as Mineral fusion, Zoya’s remove+, etc., whichever suits you better.

At last, it is a crucial point to note that if you are using Color street nail strips, and feel the need to remove them, do not peel the strips. Instead, use a nail polish remover.

The strips come off pretty quickly. However, the adhesives on the stickers damage your nails and cause them to peel off.

While you try to peel the strips out of your nails, additional layers of your nails also tend to come off. So, avoid the peeling off.

Storing color street nails in freezer

Storage of unused color street nails in the freezer is recommended to extend their life. Generally, if a pack has been opened and the unused nail strips are left in the open, they dry out within 30-40 minutes, making them futile.

How to Fix it:

So, if you want to re-use the available pack of strips, you need to pack the strips back, removing as much air as possible from the package. And then it needs to be stored in the freezer.

Now, if you need to use these frozen strips, you need to allow them to sit at room temperature for some time. And once they get back to room temperature, you may try applying them again on your nails.

Color Street shimmer down

Let’s all be honest. We all want our freshly done nails to last a good number of days. But practically, it is way too complicated with all the tasks our hands need to get done.

How to Fix it:

Following the Color street application guide can help you extend the usual timeframe they can last. Ensure that your strips are at room temperature before applying color street. Push your cuticles back and apply the strips to the nail portion only.

Any excess strip will either chip away or shrink. Now, apply a good quality top coat. It would help the nail polish strip with good support, and the additional layer would help it stay intact and bright for a little longer.

Color street nails are soft and gummy

If your color street nails seem too soft or gummy, they were probably left outside at high temperatures.

How to Fix it:

To fix their state, you need to put them back in their original package and in the freezer for a few minutes. After they have been taken out, allow them to sit at room temperature.

Now that they are neither too soft nor too hard to use, you can apply a base coat to your nails and then start to try sticking them to your nails. And allow them to cure on the nails, and you’re done!!

Color Street strips are not flexible enough

This problem experienced by clients is precisely opposite to the previously mentioned issue. It could be because of the climatic condition of your city. The Color street nails tend to get hard and stiff in cold temperatures.

They may break if not used at the right temperature, or else you may not be able to stick them.

How to Fix it:

And as clearly mentioned in the user instructions, the nails need to be at room temperature for one to use them. So, in case the strips do not seem flexible enough, either allow the room to get warm for a while or try putting the nail strips underneath your armpits.

After a few minutes, they should return to their normal state once they reach room temperature. And now that you can easily apply them, get ready to flaunt those color street nails like a dashing diva.

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The Color Street brand offers a wide variety of nail design options but also bags its own set of cons. But every problem encountered has been addressed with unique solutions that specialists try and test.

So, try these for yourself. Play with color street solid colors, create bold combinations, and add some glitter. Make their heads turn. You can thank us later.

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